Our history

Since its registration on May 7th, 2001, TAREA has been encouraging the use of sustainable renewable energy and environmentally friendly technologies in Tanzania.

Activities have included several projects in this areas of renewable energy: most of them conducted in close cooperation with members ,local and international partners who have always been involved in planning and carrying out TAREA's engagements in the sector.

One of the successes registered by TAREA was convincing Government of Tanzania Granting VAT exemptions on solar and wind technologies in the year 2005.

TAREA continues implementing activities that aim at realizing objects of:

  • To advance knowledge and skills
  • To manage knowledge and disseminate information
  • To network members and other key actors in the public and private sector
  • To support the creation of an enabling environment and framework for a sustainable renewable energy market
  • To support and encourage best practice, including development and enforcement of standards and codes of conduct
  • To promote the local manufacture of Renewable Energy products and enterprise development in the Renewable Energy sector
  • To facilitate market development of Renewable Energy technologies, applications and services.