TAREA is organized in different bodies.


The organization is being supervised by Prof. -Eng. Aminirabi Erasto Kweka.

Annual General Meeting

As TAREA is a membership organization, the management of the organization is naturally depending on the members. The institution for this is the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which takes place once a year. Every member is invited to attend in order to participate in making high level decisions. The AGM usually sees the presentation of outcomes and perspectives of TAREA work during the period since the last meeting. Furthermore, at the AGM, the Secretariat presents the Annual Financial Report and proposes a budget for the coming period, which then needs to be confirmed by the AGM. Furthermore, the participants of the Annual General Meeting are electing the Executive Committee and the Advisory Committee. These committees are supervising and steering TAREA actual activities throughout the year.

  • Election of Executive Committee and Chairperson of the Technical Committee
  • Determination of general policies for TAREA
  • Consideration of Annual Report
  • Appoint auditors
  • Alternate and renew membership fees and other duties.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is the superior institution for all TAREA activities. The board is meeting once in three months. The authority and responsibility for managing the affairs of the Association in conformity
with the Constitution and By-Laws shall be vested in the Executive Committee.
The EC is elected by the AGM every three years. There are regulations as who is eligible for election. Generally, every active member of TAREA,except student member is eligible to become a member of the EC. For more information please download our constitution.

During these meetings, the following items are usually on the agenda:

  • Presentation of current activities by the Executive Secretary
  • Strategy development for planned or implemented activities
  • Application formalities
  • Preparation and presentation of reports and budgets

Members of Executive Committee

1.0 Pr.-Eng. Aminirabi Erasto Kweka - Chairperson

2.0 Eng. Prosper Magali - Vice Chairperson

3.0 Eng. Hamisi Mikate - Treasurer

4.0 Prof.-Eng. Cuthbert Kimambo - Member - Ex Chairperson

5.0 Prof.-Eng. Reuben John - Member - Ex Chairperson

6.0 Ms. Brenda Kazimili - Member

4.0 Eng. Lydia Mugarula - Member

5.0 Eng. Restuta Kokushuliza - Member

6.0 Mr. Godwin Msigwa - Member

7.0 Eng. Livinus Manyanga - Member - Chairperson for TAREA Northern Zone Branch

8.0 Eng. Ellison Malyi - Member - Chairperson for TAREA Lake Victoria Zone Branch

9.0 Mr. Arfriskad Ndilanha - Member - Chairperson for Advisory Committee

10.0 Eng. Matthew Matimbwi - Member - Executive Secretary

11.0 Ms. Emma Laswai - Member - Deputy Executive Secretary

Advisory Committee

Five members of the Advisory Committee (AC) are elected by Executive Committee, one member is elected by the Annual General Meeting and Executive Secretary joins the committee due to its position in the association.
The responsibilities of the AC are:

  • Assist and advise the Executive Secretary and the Executive Committee on all matters pertaining to the realization of TAREA mission, vision and objectives.
  • Assist and advise the Executive Secretary and the TAREA Secretariat on day to day administrative matters of the Association
  • Devise and implement strategies on increasing and sustaining membership levels
  • Support networking and information dissemination activities of the Association

Members of Advisory Committee

1.0 Mr. Arfriskad Ndilanha - Chairperson - Biomass energy - Email:ndilanha2010@yahoo.com

2.0 Dr.-Eng. Divina Kaombe - Secretary - Cross cutting - Email:divinakaombe@yahoo.co.uk

3.0 Mr. Mike Mkombozi - Member - Mini hydro - Email:mikemkombozi@yahoo.com

4.0 Eng. Felister Assenga - Member - Solar  water pumping, solar water heating and solar home systems - Email:Felister.Assenga@dayliff.com

5.0 Eng. Adrian Mapunda - Member - Solar isolated mini grids - Email:adrian.mapunda@rafikipower.com

6.0 Mr. Frederick Morel - Member - Grid connected solar systems - Email:frederic.morel@energioverda.com

7.0 Mr. Uri Epstein - Member - Wind power - Email:uri.epstein@windlab.com

8.0 Dr.-Eng  Gerd- Member - Technical Advisor- Email:gh_vogel@yahoo.de