Our Partners

In order to achieve its goals TAREA is collaborating with various partners from different countries.

  • Alternative Energy Africa

    Alternative Energy Africa

    Alternative Energy Africa is the continent's first magazine dedicated to literally filling the energy information gap in Africa. Alternative Energy Africa provides its readers updates on private sector projects, government initiatives, business and investment news, and strategies for a thriving alternative/renewable energy market on the African continent, all of this in addition to global project news and groundbreaking technology coverage. And to complement the magazine, www.AE-Africa.com offers the latest updates between issues making the AEA online and print duo "the premiere source" of alternative and renewable energy news covering the African continent.

    For more see the official webpage.

  • Associazione Microfinanza e Sviluppo Onlus

    Associazione Microfinanza e Sviluppo Onlus is an Italian NGO working to promote micro finance. It supports TAREA with financing community solar systems. The funds are solicited from the Waldensian Evangelical Chrch and the Autonomous Province of Trento. The solar systems are installed at a market place and a bus stand. Associazione Microfinanza e Sviluppo Onlus plans to support solar revolving funds at Malinyi village through Village Cooperative Banks (VICOBA).


  • Berufliche Fortbildungszentren der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bfz)


    TAREA works with bfz in promoting renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency in Tanzania. The three years project (October, 2015 - September, 2018) will bring the following results to:

    -The performance capacity of  TAREA is enhanced

    -TAREA has an improved service portfolio that meets the needs of its members as well as its customers and partners

    -TAREA actively takes part in cross-border discussions on strategies and measures with regard to core issues


    BEST-dialogue’s aim To work as an independent donor-funded programme and assist in gearing the business environment towards sustainable private sector growth.

    How? By providing funding, training, mentoring, and networking opportunities to private sector and civil society organisations, who want business reform. We also support institutes of further education and media houses in communicating the business agenda.

    BEST-Dialogue works in parallel to the government of Tanzania, striving to achieve a more professional and fairer business environment. We help create a continuous discussion between organisations and the government concerning the Tanzanian business environment and the importance of private sector-led growth.

    Inclusive growth 
    BEST-Dialogue is part of Danida’s Business Sector Programme Support phase IV, which focuses on inclusive growth. This means attention is paid to targeting organisations addressing the particular needs of women and youth for example. The programme also prioritises working in areas which hold particular potential for creating employment and increasing income.

    Doing business in Tanzania
    Private sector organisations in Tanzania face multiple challenges that reduce their ability to press for changes in existing policies, which would improve business operation. Many organisations have a small, unsustainable membership base. They lack the professional expertise to design and conduct campaigns which communicate the need for business reform. It is important to persuade the government to make changes on specific issues; we call this single-issue advocacy. There is also increasing demand for the private sector to engage in regular, structured dialogue specifically related to Tanzania’s investment climate and business environment. This is called a sustained dialogue.

    Support for advocacy and sustainability 
    BEST-Dialogue strives to build a meaningful relationship between government and business organisations in order to strengthen ongoing discussions, sustained dialogue. It is essential that the government recognises and engages the business sector as a significant partner in Tanzania’s development. On a positive note, the government has created a space in its agenda for the private sector to be consulted in the advocacy dialogue.

    We look further afield and provide support not only to private sector organisations but also to civil society at local level, who dedicate their work to business growth. This could be supporting a land rights issue, for example.

    Going green
    We promote green growth and climate change mitigation in everything we do. This means we work towards reducing the harmful effects of environmental changes which are impacting globally. BEST-Dialogue is supporting public-private discussion to ensure specific environmentally friendly approaches are employed when allocating funding. This approach is upheld in all training and guidance materials.

    Work with TAREA BEST-AC has already supported advocacy to the Tanzania Bureau Standards (TBS) on the enforcement of the regulations on the solar photovoltaic products. BEST-AC will in the year 2016 support the advocacy to National Environment Management Commission (NEMC) on the process of carrying out Environmental Impact Assessment of the small solar projects under 1MW.

  • BSW Solar

    BSW Solar

    ​BSW-Solar is the German Solar Industry Association that works with TAREA in promoting Tanzania solar sector. The areas of operations cover:

    • Quality assurance
    • Capacity Building
    • Business matchmaking
    • Awareness raising
    • Advocacy on enabling policy, regulations and incentives

    Three market segments of concentrations are: Off-Grid Stand-alone PV Systems (e.g. Solar Home Systems, Solar lanterns), PV Hybrid Mini-Grids and Grid-Connected PV for self-consumption / Net-Metering.

    Further information on BSW Solar can be obtained at the link www.solarwirtschaft.de

  • Climate Technologies Centre and Networks

    Climate Technology Centre & Network

    TAREA is the member of Climate Technologies Centre and Networks (CTCN) that is the operational arm of the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism, hosted by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The Centre promotes the accelerated transfer of environmentally sound technologies for low carbon and climate resilient development at the request of developing countries. We provide technology solutions, capacity building and advice on policy, legal and regulatory frameworks tailored to the needs of individual countries.

  • Enzkreis

    The Enzkreis is with its 28 cities and municipalities in the region Region Nordschwarzwald in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, between the conurbations of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. It includes the independent city of Pforzheim.

    Enzkries is the partner of Masasi District Council and Masasi Town Council. The partnership works to improve life of people within Masasi District. Projects that are implemented are in the area of education, training and renewable energy.

    TAREA is the third partner in the cooperation of Enzkreis and Masasi. TAREA is involved in the area of renewable energy.

  • German-Tanzanian Partnership (DTP)

    DTP e.V.

    TAREA has partnership with Deutsch-Tansanische Partnerschaft e.V  (DTP). Partnership works on cultural exchange and promotion of renewable energy and environmental friendly technologies. TAREA plays a role of technical support to the German Volunteers that are sent by DTP to Tanzania.

  • Global Off-Grid Lighting Association


    TAREA is the member of GOGLA which is the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association; an independent, not-for-profit association. It represents members as the voice of the industry and promotes the solutions they offer.


    H.O.T AFRICA is the Hands On Training, a non profit organization found in Edinburg, Scotland with Charity Number SCO46294. H.O.T AFRICA has partnered with TAREA to implement the following activities:

    1.0 Providing practical training courses in Solar Photovoltaic installation and maintenance to those in Africa without access or means to train

    2.0 To reduce poverty by creating employment and self employment opportunities by training people in skills which are in short supply and 

    3.0 To improve people's health and the environment by promoting the use of clean energy produced by Solar Photovoltaic, Micro Wind Turbines and Micro-Hydro Systems.

  • National Gender and Sustainable energy network


    ​TAREA is the member of National Gender and Sustainable energy network (NGSEN) is a network advocating for women empowerment and increased access to modern energy technologies and services in Tanzania. 

  • North South Iniative e.V.


    ​North South Initiative e.V is the German NGO with mission to foster renewable energies in the sub-Saharan world by utilizing domestic materials.

    Its current focus is on projects in Tanzania. It cooperates with TAREA in promoting renewable energy vocational training.

    Further information can be obtained at the link www.nsiev.com

  • Power for All

    Power for All advances renewable, decentralized electrification solutions as the fastest, most cost-effective and sustainable approach to universal energy access. 

    Power for All:

    Unifies the voice of the “beyond the grid” companies and organizations to advocate for specific supportive financial and policy enablers.

    Mobilizes the broader sector—manufacturers, distributors, consumers—to de-position fossil-fuel-centric “business as usual” approaches to addressing energy access.

    Proactively positions renewable, decentralized energy as premium-quality, climate- resilient products and services that enable a wide-range of productive uses for the global community.

    TAREA is one of the Power for All members who support the advocacy on various subjects that aim at promoting renewable energy.

  • SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

    TAREA has partnered with SNV since early 2011, with an aim to support renewable energy market development in Tanzania, focusing particularly on ICS (for domestic and institutional use), biogas and briquettes. Since 2014, the partnership expanded to include Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE) and engagement in the pico-solar space. TAREA is a member of the Advisory Committee for the Result-Based Financing (RBF) Fund for pico-solar market development, which is part of the Energising Development (EnDev) programme in Tanzania as managed by SNV.

  • Tanzania Private Sector Foundation


    TAREA is the member of ​Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) which was established as a company limited by guarantee in order to promote private sector-led social and economic development in Tanzania and specifically it is aiming to carry out the following functions:

    • Providing member organizations with services they value;
    • Understanding and representing their common interest; and
    • Engage the Government in effective advocacy and lobbying.

  • Urbis Foundation

    Urbis Foundation

    ​Urbis Foundation is the German NGO that promotes the sustainability of natural resources and mitigation of the poverty.
    It has been supporting TAREA in the activities of advocacy, awareness raising and youth renewable energy capacity building. In the year 2016 it supports TAREA on the activities of pico solar revolving fund through women village community banks (VICOBAs) in Malinyi, college students networking, renewable energy day and advocacy of renewable energy e-wastes regulations development. Further information can be obtained at the link www.urbis-foundation.de