Enabling Youth at Mang'ula to be self-employed

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) has been working with its partners to make Tanzanian youth to become self-employed using renewable energy technologies. TAREA has been training youth at artisan level on installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems and provide to them sets of working tools that they can start working for communities they live with just after the training.

The methodology of training and providing working tools has brought the following impacts: (1) Increased economic potential of the trained youth; (2) Increased adoption of the renewable energy technologies in the respective villages; (3) Increased quality of renewable energy technology service; and (4) Reduced rate of youth migration from rural to urban areas.

TAREA, in the week of 27-31.08.2018, in cooperation with Mazingira Onlus (Mang'ula) and Associazione Microfinanza e Sviluppo Onlus (Italy) through financial support of the Province of Trento (Italy), trained 6 young people from Mang'ula ward in Kilombero District on solar photovoltaic technology. The 6 youth were provided with high quality tools ready to start providing service and earn money.