URBIS Foundation to support student girls of Malinyi ward

Village of Malinyi, under the leadership of Mr. Kapanga Towegale Kiwanga, through TAREA has received the financial contribution from URBIS Foundation, Germany to implement the project “Enabling girls of Malinyi Division-Tanzania access quality education, and safe and good school living environment”.

The objective of the project is to enable girls at Kipingo Secondary School in Malinyi Division to access quality education through the provision of a safe living and learning. The installation of a photovoltaic system on the newly built girls’ dormitory will guarantee the availability of lighting, allowing girls to study even in the evenings. Moreover, the stay at the dormitory will become more attractive, preventing girls from staying in rented rooms in the local village, which has been the cause of a series of unwanted pregnancies and subsequent school drop-outs. Not only will TAREA install the solar photovoltaic system, but also educate students and teachers on the proper use of the system to ensure a sustainable usage.